CuppaStitches: March 2016

Mar 14, 2016

Marshmallow Easter Bunnies

Come Easter, Peeps are like gold in our house. The only reason they last more than a day here is because some of us prefer to eat them stale. But even then, it doesn't take more than a day or so for those marshmallow beauties to get to that state. I think I finally came up with a solution to make our marshmallow bunnies last more than a few days. Make them out of yarn!!! Plus, yarn has a lot less calories than Peeps. Although I don't suggest trying to eat the yarn over the actual food ;-)

I couldn't find a pattern for these bunny cuties that I liked so I decided to try to make up my own. Now that I think I've worked out all the kinks, they are working up pretty quick and I figured why not share so my fellow hookers can decorate their own houses and Easter baskets!

Mar 1, 2016

Pom Pom Monster Beanie

If you caught my post last week about making a basic beanie, you know that I love making hats. Whether it's to sell in my shop or for my kids to wear, that basic beanie pattern is what I use to make any hat.

I have a lot of friends with kids younger than mine. Sometimes being around those little ones reminds me that toddlers can be little monsters. Don't get me wrong, I love kids. I have my own and I worked with children for many, many years, but if you've been through that toddler stage, than I think you can see what I'm saying. Those little ones inspired me to make little monster hats for the little monsters.