CuppaStitches: Be A Unicorn Cup Cozy

Jan 29, 2018

Be A Unicorn Cup Cozy

 Why be ordinary when you can be a unicorn!

Ok, so maybe we can't actually be unicorns (I know, it's sad and I apologize) but we can put a unicorn on our favorite cup and pretend as we sip on some glorious coffee. Or whatever your beverage of choice is. I don't judge... drink whatever you like 😉

H-8 (5.00mm) hook
Worsted yarn - white & light pink for the cozy
Small bits of worsted yarn in 3 colors for the mane
Light weight yarn or crochet thread in black
Tapestry needle

Stitches used:
SC - single crochet
HDC - half double crochet
DC - double crochet
TR - treble crochet
SC DEC - single crochet 2 stitches together

With white
Rnd 1: Chain 34 and join to the first chain being careful not to twist the chain

Rnd 2: Ch. 1, sc in same chain and in each around, join to the first sc (34 sc)

Rnd 3: Ch. 1, sc in the same stitch and in each around, join to the first sc (34 sc)

Rnds 4-11: Repeat round 3

Rnd 12: Ch. 1, sc in same stitch and next 10, * join light pink, (hdc, dc) in the next, tr in the next, (dc, hdc) in the next, join white *, sc in the next 6, repeat from * to * for second ear, sc in remaining 11 stitches

Rnd 13: Ch. 1, sc in each stitch around placing 3 sc in the tops of the tr stitches, join to the first sc and fasten off

With yellow, join yarn in the second st of the 6 single crochets between the ears
Row 1: Ch. 1, sc in the same and the next 3, turn (4 sc)
Row 2: Ch. 1, sc dec twice, turn (2 sc)
Row 3: Ch. 1, sc dec and fasten off


Cut 3 6-inch strands of yarn in 3 different colors
Taking a group of 3 strands, hook yarn with your crochet hook in the middle of the 6 inch strands. Pull through the backside of a stitch at the base of the horn. Now grab the ends of the yarn (you should have 6) and pull them through the loop. Trim the mane to your desired length.

Using a tapestry needle and crochet thread of a thinner black yarn (ie. light worsted or sport weight), stitch the eyes below each ear between rounds 7 and 8.

I take great pride in my work. I ask that you do not redistribute or sell this pattern or modify it in any way to claim as you own. Please feel free to make as many as you want for your own personal use or to sell at craft fairs, on your own personal website or on marketplace websites, such as Etsy. I would appreciate a link to my site in your listing,


  1. Wow, so cute! I will make this for myself. Handmade reusable cup cozies make great gifts for friends, family, but mostly its a great gift for the environment. I will post my project on Ravelry when completed. Thank you for sharing this cute pattern!

  2. What a cute pattern! Thank you for sharing.